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Meet Dave 

Wilderness Mentor

A qualified counsellor and experienced professional outdoors-man, I  have combined my knowledge and passion for the outdoors with an understanding of the need for people to re-engage with the outdoors and nature.

With 15 years experience as a tracking and survival instructor I  have developed a unique method of using the outdoors as a place for personal exploration and discovery. Holding a belief that we all need to find our own connection with nature as an essential part of life, no matter where we are or what we do.

"The wilderness is where we belong, it should be a place of comfort and solace. A safe place where we can learn about and understand ourselves."


Why take the WildPath?

the whats and whys

Forest Bathing

No towel required. Learn how to find your own space and benefit from the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku.


An opportunity to leave the call of social media, work and life stresses. Make time for yourself and see the proven benefits of taking time in nature.


Discover your own ways of  relaxing and finding comfort in the outdoors. Foraging for wild food, exploring wild places or learning a new craft .

Mental Health

We all know that feeling of something not being quite right. Using Person Centred Therapy you have the opportunity to safely explore and understand the issues that are most present for you.

Improved Wellbeing

Research shows that 120 minutes of time in nature a week dramatically increases your wellbeing.


Time in nature decreases your levels of cortisol, a hormone known to be linked to high stress levels.



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