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The key to your well-being is finding the time and space to take a pause, reflect, review and re-charge.

WildPath retreats combine the guidance and instruction of an experienced outdoors man which enable you to find your own space in nature and make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Along with the facility to explore what matters to you and find new ways to approach familiar and unwanted behaviors.


Our aim is to give you the knowledge and skills that can be taken away and applied wherever you are. Find nature in the most urban environment and make time to re-connect and look after yourself.

Bushcraft, tracking and wild food workshops allow you to learn and develop. Whilst guided wandering and other exercises present opportunity to disconnect from the hectic day to day life and re-connect with nature.

In no time at all you will be finding that you see nature wherever you are, and  discovering moments of wild that have always been around you.

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