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Did you know trees can make a difference to your health, mood and wellbeing....

For decades I have spent time around campfires talking about the importance and need for us to find our space in nature and maintain a meaningful connection with the real world outside of technology and media. More and more research and evidence is showing that wherever you are finding time to be in nature makes a difference.This news from new findings shows that people who have access to some form of tree cover are 30% less likely to suffer from psychological stress and 33% less likely to suffer from poor health. I appreciate that not everyone is as fortunate as me to have access to some amazing wildernes spaces. However from experience of nearly ten years in London and countless discussions on my courses I know that we never have to look far to find nature and make time to find our own connection with it.

Watching the birds from the office, lunchtimes in the park or spotting wild foods on the commute......

How do you find your daily moments of wildfulness?

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