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What makes WildPath different...? And BTW what is eco therapy?

There are over 400 different forms of counselling and therapy which approach mental health from every perspective; Analytical, Kinaesthetic, Spiritual… to name just a few.

WildPath offers an integrated person centred approach, which means it is unique to each client and combines techniques from a range of theories and practices. Person centred is a principle which respects and develops an individual’s experiences, behaviors and thoughts. Helping identify core issues that may be having an unwanted impact on their life, and exploring new ways that work for them personally.

What makes it Eco-Therapy…?

Eco-therapy is a relatively new term that encompasses a range of therapies that have close links to nature, the outdoors and our relationship to it. A key belief of the work at WildPath is that we all have a part of us that needs to find a connection to our natural environment.

It was only a few generations ago that our ancestors were used to being closer to the natural world. The resources that are freely available, the seasonal changes we adapted to and a self-reliance that came along with that connection.

Pressures of modern day life, the distractions from modern technology and a fear of the unknown is eroding that connection, yet evidence from scientific research is showing that the union with nature has proven benefits. Reducing stress levels, raising immunity to disease, reducing blood pressure and improving mood and well-being are all now known to be some of the benefits that we can gain from finding that connection again.

Why is it Different…?

Traditionally therapy is provided in a comfortable, warm, secure room. We prefer to be in the wilderness walking and talking or perhaps sitting by a fire chatting with a cup of tea. Dave is an experienced and respected survival and tracking instructor, and takes elements of those skill to provide ways to find insight and explore what makes you unique and find connections that will soothe, heal and promote your well-being.

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